Tri-Fold Mounted Scientific Posters

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Tri-Fold mounted posters are a long-standing fixture of various presentations across the country. We can easily print your scientific poster and mount it to a tri-fold board, making it perfect to use on a table as a free-standing poster without the need of an easel. Download one of our pre-designed templates to be sure your content fits properly within each section.

Tri-Fold Scientific Posters are only available in 48" x 36"

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The poster is a semi-gloss finish and is water resistant. The total size of the tri-fold display is 48" wide and 36" high. Each outside "flap" is 12" wide and the center section is 24" wide.

Tri-Fold Mounted Scientific Posters

Customer Reviews

Thanks it was the best decision to makecgoing With you guys. The Mail arrived on time and Oil had food proofing.

, Oct 2017
Bee Safe Clip Quality Improvement Project

Very pleased! Quality and service outstanding

, Oct 2017

Poster looked great! Delivered EARLY!! And intact! Couldn't be happier!

, Oct 2017

This is our first time using a printing service for our science fair project. The 36 x 48" trifold POSTER template was VERY easy to use and we can't wait to see the finished product ready to hand in on time to the teacher and set up at the 6th grade science fair!

, Nov 2016

So far great. I am so glad that you understand us folks in academia who have very little time for scholarship! The live chat helped me find the correct size and materials in two-seconds!

, Apr 2016

Your website is very easy to use. It has been a pleasure working with you so far!

, Apr 2016

Thank you for working with me to get the low quality photos out! It was much appreciated!

, Aug 2015

I received the most amazing customer service support from Jessica S. and the team! I'm very happy with the high quality and professional appearance of my poster. Thank you!!

, Aug 2015

You guys are the best!!!

, May 2015

OMG! This looks amazing! Thank you so much. It was here when I walked in the door this morning. You guys did an amazing job.

, May 2015


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