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7. Inserting Slides Into a Presentation: So You’ve Got a Ton of Slides...

The following instructions are for PowerPoint on the PC only. There is no effective way to do this with a Mac.

Let’s Get Started

If you have a PowerPoint file with multiple pages, you'll need to transfer them all to ONE slide before we will be able to print it.

As always, the best method is to directly type your information into the new presentation (by using one of our templates). But if you prefer to use content from another PowerPoint presentation here is the best way that we have found to get the job done.

Watch this tutorial in video form.

How to Insert Slides from Another Presentation

  1. Create a new presentation in PowerPoint and set the page size to the desired dimensions. For instructions on how to do that see the sizing/resizing section of this Tutorial.

  2. Open up your existing presentation, click the View tab, and select Slide Sorter to view your presentation in slide sorter view.

    Your presentation in slide sorter view.

  3. Border being highlighted.

    Click on the first slide you want to put into your new poster, and copy it to the clipboard by pressing CTRL+C on your keyboard. When you click on the slide, you'll see its border will be highlighted. In the example below, slide #1 is highlighted.

  4. Now switch over to your new presentation, go to the Home tab and click the arrow below Paste to bring up the Paste Special option. (You can also press Ctrl+Alt+V to do Paste Special)

  5. Once you have selected Paste Special you'll notice in the paste special dialog box (top right), there are a number of different options. We have listed the three most commonly used below.

Other things to consider

  • Paste Special Box.Items pasted as a Microsoft Office Slide Object will insert as a graphic object that can be edited in PowerPoint.
  • Items pasted as a Picture cannot be edited. Depending on the type of object, the result will be the same as a pasted enhanced metafile or it will turn into a jpg (bitmapped picture).
  • Items pasted as an Enhanced Metafile cannot be edited in their native application. They can only be ungrouped to dumb objects in PowerPoint. Ungrouping will cause charts, graphs or vector objects to split up into 100s of pieces.
  • When you are using the Paste Special function on a PC make sure that Paste is selected and not Paste link. (If you are using a Mac there will not be an option for Paste Link)
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