Accessories for Store Signs

Hanging Accessories

Suction Cups (Set of 4: $1.00)

Suction cups, clear tabs, and plastic push tacks

For hanging signs inside windows, we recommend using suction cups. They make it easy to take down and replace a sign for window cleaning.

Our suction cups come with clear plastic hanging tabs to prevent tearing your sign when you take it down. Just attach your hanging tabs to your sign (either at the edge or inside the corner), put a suction cup on the window, and push the plastic tack through the hanging tab into the back of the suction cup. A kit of four suction cups with hanging tabs sells for $1.00.



Banner Corner Tabs (Set of 4 Is $2.00)

Banner Tabs

Designed for outdoor banners, these self-adhesive tabs tend to do a better job than grommets for supporting banners. Unfolded, they're 6" long. Just fold and position them at the corners of your banner and press firmly. The adhesive is very strong! You can then run your support rope through the loop, or punch a hole through the banners and use the built-in holes on the tabs. A kit of four banner tabs sells for $2.00.

We recommend using elastic or "bungee" type cords to hang your banner in windy conditions. They stretch and prevent "shock" in the wind. The banner tabs work great with our heavy vinyl banner material. You can also use them with matte and glossy paper banners. But be careful not to rip the paper!



New! Ceiling Hanging Kit

Ceiling Hanging Kit

This ceiling hanging kit includes two bars (one each for the top and bottom of the sign), two hanging clips that slide into the track of the top bar, and two clear ceiling grid clips that clip securely to standard 1" ceiling grids.

Clamping sign into top bar Use your own string, wire, S-Hook or double C-Hook to connect the hanging clips to the ceiling grid clips, or buy our double C-Hooks (sold separately below) to complete the ceiling hanging system.

The bars of the Ceiling Hanging Kit come in two colors: Black or Clear.

  • 24" wide  -  $4.95
  • 36" wide  -  $6.95

Hanging Kit (BLK)

Hanging Kit (Clear)

New! Metal Double C-Hooks (compliment Ceiling Hanging Kit)

Double C Hooks

These all-purpose nickel-plated steel hooks, used in conjuction with the Ceiling Hanging Kit sold above, hold signs securely and resist bending.

Order multiple sets and daisy chain Double C-Hooks to achieve greater length - i.e. Two sets of 24" hooks would create a length of 48".

Double C-Hooks come in three lengths and are sold in sets of 2:

  •   4"  -  69¢
  • 12"  -  99¢
  • 24"  -  $1.49

Display Accessories

Counter Topper Stand

Counter Topper Insert

Empty, clear 8.5" x 11" (vertical or horizontal) and 4" x 6" (vertical or horizontal) acrylic stands for use on counter tops. Can be filled with Counter Topper Inserts or with standard paper sign inserts made on your own. Perfect for important POP offers or messages to customers.

Starting At $4.95

Counter Topper (V)

Counter Topper (H)




Collapsible "A-frame" sign holder with hinges that have a lock in position feature and molded handles for easy portability. Perfect for temporary outdoor advertising - can sustain harsh weather conditions and can be filled with sand for added durability.

Signicade Stickers (purchased separately) can be made from our online templates or your uploaded file. The available area on each side is 24" wide by 36" tall. The stickers are easily applied to the surfaces of the Signicade.

The overall dimensions of the Signicade are 24.5" wide by 45.5" tall.



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