Page Size Converter

What is this?

If you've already created your PowerPoint file but must change the page aspect-ratio (proportion of width/height), this converter can help make your job easier by determining what new page size to make your file.

Consider other options

Changing the page size of a PowerPoint document after it's created can be a difficult task and may take a little practice. Be sure you want to do this.

Consider ordering a poster based on your current page size so you don't need to modify the file. (See our Poster Size Calculator to determine what sizes can be ordered from your file without modification.)

Let's do it!

  1. Back up your file.
    Before proceeding it's a good idea to save a copy of your file with a different name.
  2. Enter Current Dimensions
    Enter the current width and height of your file: (Go to File > Page Setup to see your page size.)
    Width: Height:
  3. Enter Desired Dimensions
    Enter the desired width and height of your finished poster:
    Width: Height: