About Our Scientific Posters

We use premium microporous glossy paper and UV resistant inks for scientific posters. Images won't smear or fade.

Material Options

Standard Paper 36# Presentation Bond, matte finish. Water resistant (Image won't run, but paper will get soggy in rain.)
Glossy Paper
Glossy, water resistant paper, similar to photographic paper. Ideal for photos and scientific posters. This is by far our most popular media for scientific posters.
Outdoor Banner Vinyl 13 oz scrim vinyl, printed with UV and water resistant inks. Designed for outdoor use up to three years.
Wrinkle Resistant Fabric  
Wrinkle Resistant Fabric Poster Perfect for international poster conferences! Fold up and pack in your suitcase, use an iron on the back for touch-ups. Wrinkle resistant, fade resistant, tear resistant.
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We now offer Tri-Fold Posters!

Tri Fold Poster

We can print your research poster and mount it to a tri-fold presentation board. We ship your display board in a sturdy shipping box to reduce the possibility of damage. The poster is a semi-gloss finish and is water resistant. The total size of the tri-fold display is 36" high by 48" wide. Each "flap" is 12" wide and the center section is 24" wide. Your file must be in a 3:4 aspect ratio for the tri-fold poster option to be available when you order. Our Tri-Folds are $109.95 plus shipping.

Which would you rather have?

We put our premium microporous glossy paper and water resistant inks to the test.

Not all paper is the same. To prove this, we did a side-by-side water resistance test—putting a typical competitor's glossy poster paper up against our MAKESIGNS.COM glossy poster paper. We sprayed each poster with water, then wiped our dry hand through the wet area. Our poster was not affected. The other poster was ruined as the ink turned into a slimy mess. You can see the results below.

Typical Competitor's
Glossy Paper

Typical competitor's glossy paper sprayed with water

Typical competitor's glossy paper with smeared ink

Typical resin coated glossy poster paper turns into slime when it gets wet!


Glossy Paper

MakeSigns.com glossy paper sprayed with water

MakeSigns.com glossy paper unaffected by water

MakeSigns.com Microporous Glossy Poster Paper has water resistance!

The Winner:

gold badge
Glossy Paper